Goal & Objectives


Following are the major objectives of Mukti Corp that help to reach Salvation (Moksha/Mukti):

 Goal 1. To issue share and generate fund to purchase physical property (Land and House) of the Mukti Corp for the establishment of Muktinath Temple at local community (HQ or Branch) and other investment areas of business.

 Objective 1. To achieve above goal following programs shall be executed including others investment programs: 

  1. One Share Value shall be fixed in 1000.00 USD
  2. Each individual shall be limited to purchase a maximum of 20 shares till September 30, 2023. After that (From October 1st, 2023, individual can purchase unlimited number of share but not less than one (1) and no more than balance number of shares. 
  3.  Share distribution rights shall be limited to the BoDs through PC of Mukti Corp.
  4. Share holder (s) shall not be allowed withdraw their share by January 1st, 2030.  But each shareholder can transfer and sale their share at any time.
  5.  Each shareholder shall have rights to exercise CO-OP (GUTHI SYSTEM).
  6.  All shareholders are requested to voluntarily donate USD on Mukti Guthi for the death body procession, 84 Puja and other social welfare events if needed.
  7.  84 Puja Celebration – once a year, mass 84 puja program might be organized in the Mukti HQ for the senior citizens. (CA law and guideline shall be used to determine senior citizen).
  8.  Hindus, Buddhist and other religious festivals might be organized in HQ i.e. Dashain, Tihar, Chhat Puja, Holi Festival Celebration- During puja, Tihar (Diwali/Lighting Festival – Bhai Tika), Chhat Puja, Holi Festival, Teej (Dar Khana), Janai Purnima etc. shall be organized annually.
  9.  Each festival celebration date shall be fixed by BoDs. 
  10. Mukti Corp Anniversary shall be Celebrated on the following weekend after the entity receipt date of Mukti Corp. Mukti’s birth date is fixed on March 23rd, 2023.
  11.  Major National and State festivals might be organized at local level i.e. US Festivals, CA Festivals, Nepali Festivals etc.


  1. Local communities shall be defined as communities within 10 miles from the principal (head) office or branch office of Mukti Corp.
  2. Mukti’s assets shall be used for the buying, managing and strengthening of Mukti Corp and Muktinath Temple.
  3. Shareholders are voluntarily encouraged to donate USD that shall be utilized to promote CO-OP (GUTHI SYSTEM).
  4. Practice and its development i.e. Grant for Funeral Procession, Chaurasi Puja (ceremonial worship conducted during the age of 80+)

Goal 2. To promote multicultural unique at local, national and international level.

To meet above objective, we serve all who live, work, visit and play by strengthening originality, delivering resources, expanding relationships, and supporting transformational changes that maintain and growing creative and cultural network.

Objective 2. To build and support programmatic practices that advance equity, diversity, and inclusion through following services 

  1. Faith, culture, tradition, language, profession, art, food, cloth, etc.
  2. Speech/Lecture (Prabachan), chant (Bhajan), training, interaction, yoga, parade etc.
  3. Conference, seminar, workshop, meeting etc.
  4. Exhibitions, competitions, expo/fair etc
  5. Job connection, technical education, insurance, social service, public support etc.
  6. Networking among Nonprofit, private and public sectors and tribal ethnicity.
  7. National and local festivals i.e. UNO’s festivals, US festivals, CA Festivals, Nepali, Indian Festivals etc.

Goal 3. To strengthen CO-OP (TRUST) for effective Social Welfare Service

Objective 3. To conduct following major programs that help to achieve above goal:


    1. MG’s formation and operation guidebook shall be prepared.
    2. Mukti Guthi (MG), as a Co-Op (TRUST) shall be formed at all level i.e. Country, State, Counties, Townships/City, Special Districts and Local Community.
    3. Co-op shall be registered to the authority under suitable Act as given on table 5
Table 5 

Nonprofit Corp Act, code 501(c)(3)
Cooperative Act: Agriculture, Cannabis, General
Unincorporated Common Interest Development Association (UCIDA) Act

  1. The position and number of the Board Members (BO) on the MG shall be limited to seven (7) members as given
I. Principle 1
II. Rector 1
III. Clerk/Liaison Officer (LO) 1
IV. Cashier 1
V. Auditor (Control) 1
VI. Counselor 1

Figure – 25

NOTE – 1 

Following documents shall be prepared by BoDs.

  1. MG’s formation Process, Job, authority, power and termination.
  2. Minimum recruitment of MG’s officers, selection process, their job description, authority, power, duration and termination.


  1. The name of the Cluster Committee shall be fixed “MUKTI GUTHI (MG)”.
  2. Mukti Corp HQ shall be implemented the National and Sate Level MG.
  3. Each MG shall have rights to form and operate MG in each State, County, City and local Committee if needed.
  4. Each committee shall be required to receive pre-approval for business from HQ
  5. Each MG shall be required to report monthly to the HQ.
  6. Each MG shall be required to use HQ’s guideline.
  7. Role and responsibility of the MG’s member shall be defined by HQ.
  8. Each Mukti Guthi shall be provided volunteer assistant and technical support to the shareholders at local level.

Section 4. Mukti Corp shall be provided financial support (USD 5000.00) to the shareholder, their spouse, son and daughter under – 18 years of old, father and mother for the funeral processing if incident happened. Such amount shall be transferred immediately to the given bank account by shareholder.

Figure – 26

Financial support (5K) shall be transferred anywhere for the funeral procession via Banking system.

Corp shall not be used any money to organize 84 pujas outside the Mukti’s Property.


Section 5. Clearance of received money (5K) for funeral

Following documents shall be required to submit within 60 days since money received from Corp.

  1. Certificate of shareholder
  2. Relationship verification certificate among shareholder and death body – Government’s letter, hospital’s letter
  3. State ID, Driver License, Passport, Green Card or any other identifying documents
  4. Photos and video clips of incidents and events.
  5. Death Certificate from local or state or federal government.

Section 6. Fraud Control and Penalty:

If 5K recipient is unable to prove as per no 11 within 60 days of incident he or she shall be penalized following:

  1. His/her shareholder status shall be suspended in 61 days.
  2. He/she shall be charged 10 times (5K X 10 = 50K) immediately of received amount (5K) within 90 days from the received amount.
  3. His/her name listed on the blacklist and report to the concern authority in US and his/her own country.
  4. His/her name shall be published on the social media and news as a blacklisted person.
  5. He/she shall be reported to the authority (police, Court etc.) as a corrupted person

Section 7. Mukti Corp HQ shall be used Max 5000.00 US (Five Thousand) to organize mass base 84 [(Chaurisi Puja (Worship)] for the senior citizens in the Mukti HQ annually.

Goal 4. To promote high demand professionalism skill, knowledge and experiences which will help to settle them in the high paying jobs/employment and business.  

Objectives 4. To implement following objectives that help to reach above goal: 

  1. Education Achievement Award (EAA)
    • Senior School (Grade 12)
    • D. Level. (Five thousand)
      1. Critical Sector Skill Award (CSEA)
        • High Demand Skill Broker (HDSB)
        • High Demand Worker (HDW)

                 NOTE: Local Government’s guideline shall be used to determine Highest Demand Workers. i.e. CA

      2. Highest Donor
        • Highest Donors/promotors to support Mukti Corp’s activities.
        • Corp’s partners who helped to implement Mukti’s program at local, national and international level.
      3. Key Sponsor of Corp
        • Highest Contributor
        • Top Motivator
        • Senior Promotor
  1. Highest Employer Award
    1. Highest Employment Provider on the year
  1. Hero of the Year
    1. Highest artist
    2. Best donor
    3. Principal employer
    4. Leading social worker
  1. Dynamic Leadership
    1. Top Youth Leadership
    2. Leader of the Cultural Development
    3. Conflict Mitigation Expert


  1. Candidate selection criteria, the type of award and number of candidates shall be prepared and fixed by BoDs.
  2. BoD can determine additional awards if needed.

 Goal 5. To provide essential service for the general public

Objectives 5. To implement following programs that help to achieve above goal.

  1. Provide location/Space to organize meeting, Event, Party, Seminar etc.
  2. Resource for Food Assistant, Social Security, EDD, Medical, DMV
  3. Link to the Technical Education and Self Employment service
  4. Information about Scholarship, Aid and Funding for education
  5. Advisory Service to implement Hunger free society

Goal 6. To offer linkage service among the service providers and hunters

Objectives 6. To meet above goal following programs shall be implemented

 Job hunter and job provider, Coverage suppliers and Seeker, Social Service Provider/Case Managements and service seekers, DMV Learner and Trainer

  1. Attorney and client, Tax agent and Taxpayer
  2. Service/Business Seller and Buyer,
  3. Handyman and service Hunter, General contractor and job hunter.
  4. Trainee and trainers,
  5. Financial Investor and loan hunter, Seller and buyer,
  6. Religious Pastor (Pandit) and service seeker
  7. Property Management and Tenant
  8. Donor and fund hunter.
  9. Conflict Mediation

Goal 7. To provide Consultancy Service at local, national and international level for developing healthy society.

 Objectives 7. To meet above Goal Consultancy Service (CS) shall be provided in the following programs at local, national and international level:

 Affordable Education Health System Strengthening

  1. Poverty Reduction and Economic Activities Promotion
  2. Heathy Community Development
  3. Inclusive Representation and Election System Improvement
  4. Capacity Building of Local Leader
  5. Federalization System Strengthening
  6. Human Rights, Justice,Conflict Mitigation
  7. and Security System Improvement
  8. Free and Fair Media Development
  9. Non-Profit Sector Extension
  10. Funding Institution Strengthening
  11. Cooperative Model Promotion
  12. Micro Level Business Strengthening
  13. Financial System Improvement
  14. Green Energy Promotion
  15. Corruption and Control
  16. Human Right Protection
  17. Community Mobilization
  18. Building people to people relationship
  19. Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  20. Action Research

Goal 8. To promote employment opportunity by generating local business through investment and technical support in potential areas at local, national and international level.

Objectives 8. To meet above objective share Amount shall be invested in the following major areas at local, national and international level:

  1. Real Estate Housing, Affordable Apartments, Community etc.
  2. Hydro, Micro Hydro
  3. Irrigation System Improvement
  4. Solar and Green Energy
  5. Transportation
  6. Argo Forestry
  7. Recreational Centre
  8. Senior Citizenship Centre
  9. Public Health
  10. Forestry
  11. Animal and Birds Conservation
  12. Farmers Market Improvement

Goal 9. To organize trainings, seminars, brainstorming and expo in various matters at local, national and international level.

 Objective 9. To meet above objective following programs shall be organized shall be organized at local, national and international level:

  1. Local Development Practice
  2. Modern and Traditional Agriculture Technology
  3. Hand Made Production
  4. Multi Culture, Language and Movie
  5. Environment Protection Practice
  6. Global Education Improvement
  7. Poverty Reduction Practice and Methodology
  8. Qualitative Tourism Business Promotion
  9. Improvement of Investment to establishment peace
  10. Self-Entrepreneur Development
  11. Approach to improve Youth Leadership
  12. Human Rights, Justices and Peace Worker
  13. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for less develop community
  14. Religious Friendship Building
  15. Global Skill Exchange
  16. Tools and Technique to control Migration
  17. Senior Citizen Welfare Approach
  18. Youth Mobilization Tools and Technique
  19. Child Development Methodology
  20. Best way and technique to control violation
  21. Healthy Community Development Method
  22. Global Peace Conference
  23. Result and Effect of International Funding Conference