Vision, Mission & Purpose


Mukti Corp shall be guided by the following Vision, Mission, Goal and Strategy: 

Vision To arrange/link the elite knowledge, best resources and correct services in the society, and to leave the community better than we found which help individuals to reach Salvation (Moksha/Mukti) in or after their life by practicing right approach and true instrument

[ open university to practice right approach and True Instrument for achieving Salvation (Mukti/Moksha)]




To bring and share the best practice that help to build cooperative relationships for mutual benefit through the local community over its novel knowledge, experiences, skills, tools, resources and services.





To connect supply and demand for the required services to the partners and members that helps to guide suitable paths to grasp Salvation (Mukti) on and after their life.




    1. Public Private Partnership (PPP)
    2. Local Knowledge and Ethnology
    3. Natural Resource Mobilization
    4. Indigenous Livelihood
    5. Justice, Human Rights and Liberty
    6. Rights to use resources i.e. food, health, education, speech, transport, travel, union, job etc.
    7. Basic 5 methods for achieving Salvation (Mukti/Moksha):
      • Meditation
      • Spiritual Believes
      • Labor
      • Respectable Behavior
      • Optimistic
    8. Establishment Service Exchange Center (SEC) at local community
    9. Environment Friendly Technology
    10. Promote Existing Traditional System
    11. Exhibition Center Formation/Establishment
    12. Establishment and indorse spiritual practices that help to keep peace, salvation and Economic Development.
    1. Cooperative (GUTHI SYSTEM) Practice
    2. Open University – learn Right Approach & True Instrument for Salvation (Mukti/Moksha)
    3. Global Friendship Development