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(Mukti Corp.)
US CA 2023
Share Application Form

To: Mukti Corp
1544 Santa Clara St. Richmond CA 94804

Subject: Share (Common Share) Purchase Application

Dear Officer
As a shareholder, I agree to respect the terms and condition of shareholder(s) and agree to respect its rule, regulation and bylaws.

Shareholder’s Commitment/Agreement

  • Per share value: $ 1100.00 = 1 share value.
  • Rights of 20 Share/Per Person = 1 Trusty
  • Per share = 1 voting rights.
  • Share limitation: Max 20 Share/Per person
  • Requested number of shares can be changed by Mukti’s Authority.
  • The shares cannot be redeemed or sold for 3.5 years, however, the owner has the ability to transfer ownership to another individual or entity.
  • Shareholders will be recognized only after the share money is deposited into Corp’s Bank Account.
  • Shareholders should respect its bylaw and C Corporate regulation.
  • In accordance with the law, an application will be put on hold if the applicant has an active criminal charge against him/her or other reason.
  • If issued check(s) fail to deposit to the Bank by the given date, share status will be changed or terminated.
  • Final decision of this share application will be determined by the authority of the Mukti Corp.
  • Shareholders is/are not permitted to receive any financial and technical benefit and commission by using Mukti’s trade before the establishment of first Muktinath Temple in SF Bay Area. Such benefits are–Project Design Consultancy, Research and Documentation, Information Technology, Lecture/Presentation, Web Design, logistics arrangement, food/lunch/dinner, Real Estate Commissioned. Etc. If earned any monetary amounts received that all must be promptly returned to Muktinath Corps’ bank account as a donation towards the establishment/development of Muktinath Temple. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Applicant Information

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