Mukti Corp is a Share Corporation registered to the Secretary of State CA in 2023 with the purpose of building Mukti Nath Temple with Shiva and Buddha Statue in SF Bay Area.

  • ENTITY NAME : Muktinath Corp (# 5570705)
  • Alternate name :Corporation
  • ENTITY TYP : Stock Corporation – CA – General
  • DOCUMENT TYPE : Articles of Incorporation – CA Corporation – General Stock
  • Registered : Secretary of State, California
  • Registered Date : 03/13/2023

Muktinath Corporation: It is an Open University to practice Right Approach & True Instrument for achieving Salvation (Mukti/Moksha)”.

Muktinath Corporation shall be defined:

  1. Mukti = Salvation/Moksha
  2. Nath = Supreme Commander/ Top Leader/Teacher/God)
  3. Mukti + Nath = Muktinath

Salvation (Mukti/Moksha): Salvation (Mukti/Moksha) is the freedom (Mukti/Moksha) from the Life Cycle and Free from the cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth.

Symbol and Meaning/Important of the LOGO

The Meaning/Important of each Symbol of the LOGO as given below

I Sun/Surya/Aditya


  •   Creator of the world
  •   Source of life
  •   Supreme soul: Brings light and warmth to the world
II Ghanta/Bajra/Bell
  •  Capture people’s attention.
  •  Remind them of the power of compassion.
  •  Potential for liberation
  •  Destroy ignorance
  •  Attract beneficent spirits and to frighten away evil ones
III Shankha/ Shell of Sea Snail


  • Symbolic of female fertility
  • Symbolic of preserver
  • Sound help to destroy harmful elements and bring positive energy.
IV Sudarshana Chakra /Yantra

▪   Su= Good

▪   Darshan = Vision

  • Most powerful weapon of the space
  • It has 108 serrated blades and ability to travel several million yojanas
  • (1 Yojana = 8 kms) in the blink of an eye.
  • Eliminate the enemies of law, order and protection in the form of asuras, rakshasas and vikrutatma.
V Dharmachakra /

Dharma Wheel


The eight (8) auspicious (Ashtamangala/अष्टमङ्गल) signs:

  • Umbrella, Yellow Fish
  • Vase, Lotus
  • White Conch Shell, Glorious Peu
  • Banner and Dharma chakra
VI Flying Pigeon Bird/ Parewa Chara
  • Peace, Goodwill
  • Freedom, Justices
  • Means of peace communication
  • So much powerful word
  • Produce positive vibrations
  • Self-Control Sound Mediation
VIII Trishul / Trident
  • Three (3) aspects of consciousness: Waking, Dreaming and Sleeping,
  • Three (3) guns- Satva, Rajas and Tamas
  • Symbol of power to control over our own lives
  • symbol of protection from evil


IX Buddha
  • Aware, Awake, to Know,to aware,
  • Karma Determine the Birth, Rebirth, and Destination



  1. To form/Purchase/Establish/Operate “Mukti Nath Temple” in the SF Bay Area
  2. To offer crucial service (GUTHI SEWA) for the shareholders and their families:
    1. Funeral Procession/Transportation,
    2. Chaurasi – 84 Puja [Each year 84 puja (worship) shall be organized in the Mukti Nath Temple CA for the Parents (65+ years) of Shareholders during their life].
  3. To deliver Consultancy Service i.e., Job Hunting, Business Promotion, Investment Opportunity, International Development, Grant Search, Spouse/Friendship Linkages, Volunteer Services, healthy Community Development, Service Provider Agencies Identification.


Individual who joined to the Mukti Corp as a Shareholder by the end to purchase corps’ first property (Land and House). Purchasing date shall be implied the date of sign on the final disclosure of the property.

Reason to select (WHY): (Muktinath Temple)

  • A Hindu & Buddha Common Temple
  • Dedicated to Sri Vishnu & Sri Buddha
  • One of the World’s Highest Temple (Altitude 3,800 m).
  • Vishnu and Laxmi Temple.
  • One of the 108 Divya Dersam (दिव्यदेशम्) /Mukti Kshetra
    • INDIA: 105
    • NEPAL: 1
  • One Dham of the 4 (CHAR) Dham in Nepal
    • Mukti Kshetra,
    • Pashupat Kshetra,
    • Ruru Kshetra
    • Baraha Kshetra.

 Community Needed

  • to Minimize suicide case
  • to Minimize violation
  • to develop joint family culture in the society
  • to control Mental Pressure/Depression
  • to provide immediate support for the needy people
  • to preserve and promote Nepali culture, and Religion
  • to promote the unique identity of Nepal as the land of lord Shiva and the birthplace of the Gautam Buddha.