Dashian, Tihar, Chad Parva Greetings Exchange Program

To All Bay Area Organizations and Entities operating within the sphere of Nepalese Community,

As previously mentioned, Muktinath Corp is on the verge of completing the property deal located at 5801 McBryde Avenue, Richmond. Before finalizing this purchase, we are eager to share our interests and objectives with all organizations that work on behalf of the Nepalese community in Northern California.

In the future, Muktinath Corp, as a religious, cultural, and business entity, seeks to collaborate with organizations that serve our community and share similar or relatable interests.

We cordially invite representatives from interested organizations and entities to join us for a tea party gathering where we will provide insights into Muktinath Corp’s objectives and its future relationship with other organizations. We would also love to receive valuable suggestions and insights that will help guide us in the future endeavors of Muktinath Corp. We seek a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship with all organizations eager to work with us.

Please join us for this meaningful discussion.
Date : 10/29/2023
Time : 9:00 AM
Venue : Alvarado Park (5755 McBryde Ave San